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What We Do

210Leaders exists to build a community of business leaders who desire to unite their work and faith, helping create a powerful, engaging work environment. We do this through a leader-leader model. The framework is two senior business leaders partnered with eight to ten men and women. Groups meet every two weeks with facilitated discussion around a structured yet flexible curriculum.

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How Does It Work

Each spring and fall, groups form and reform with the goal of having 10 to 12 people in a group. The primary discriminator for selecting a group is the time and day they meet, hence, there are groups that meet every day of the week in the morning, lunch and evening. You select a group that best fits your schedule. About one month before new groups launch, you are invited to a kick-off event and to register for a group.

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What We Believe

We believe we can have better business that are rewarding for everyone including increased profits, if we apply Biblical principles to our work and our relationships. This is not a “health and wealth gospel”, but proven systems that work. Regardless if you are a Believer or not, if you want to have a better company and better relationships, 210Leaders is for you no matter how much leadership experience you have. This is leaders leading leaders.

Ephesians 2:10

Why "210Leaders"

The name 210Leaders refers to Ephesians 2:10 and the assurance that each of us are God’s masterpiece, created in Christ to do good works. Scripture is full of references about how we live out our lives in the workplace. Jesus did most of his ministry in the marketplace, not in the synagogue/church, because that is where the people were. These were everyday folks struggling with life and earning a living for their family. The marketplace is where people were, therefore it was ripe for the words of God which Jesus brought to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each 210Leader group is led by two senior business leaders who each bring a unique combination of marketplace experience and spiritual maturity. Groups have between 10 – 12 men and women who want to bring God into their business careers. We have learned people want a deeper meaning in their work. Sounds like a perfect match, doesn’t it?

The most predominate issue for everyone is the time of day they are available to meet every two weeks. Groups consist of sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, and folks in medium and large companies, a complete cross-section of the market place. Once you have decided the time you would like to meet, you can explore a very brief bio of the group leaders to make your final group selection.

Each group meets every two weeks. That means groups will meet seven times in the spring or fall. Most groups meet for about 75 minutes when they get together. Everyone learns from each other. These are leader-leader type groups, meaning everyone has something to contribute to each other.

Sure. You can get involved at any point that groups are meeting.

The makeup of each group depends on who signs up; however, we do plan for the groups to consist of both men and women.

Group time will typically start with a simple kick-off question just to get the conversation flowing. Then the group will work through a lesson and discussion that is relevant to your workplace. It’s all about helping you navigate the tricky intersection of faith and business.

Yes! The typical time to complete the homework is one hour or less. The lessons are unique, starting with a simple Biblical principle, then moving to an exercise and answering discussion questions prior to the meeting. But don’t worry, if you did not have time to complete the lesson, you still can get good value from the conversation. We attempt to have a lesson in which you have an “aha moment”. Obviously, the more effort you put into the lesson and the meeting, the deeper meaning you achieve.


210Leaders exists to build a community of business leaders who desire to unite their work and faith, helping create a powerful, engaging work environment.

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