210 In Your City

Interested in starting a 210 chapter in your city? It is easier than you might think. We will provide you with the lesson materials, how-to-guide for facilitating groups, and most importantly support. All you need is people who are willing to volunteer in one of three capacities and you are ready to launch!


The Administrator is the person who spearheads 210 Leaders in each particular city. Their job is to coordinate all communications, find and support group leaders, and act as a liaison between the local chapter and the central leadership team.


Group Leader

Each 210 Leaders group is led by two seasoned, experienced group members. Their main job is to facilitate the bi-weekly meetings, share from their own personal experiences with the group, and be willing to occasionally spend time with group members outside of 210 Leaders when needed. If you enjoy mentoring, or love helping people become their best, this job is perfect for you.

Group Members

Have you ever wanted to talk to somebody who can give you professional advice that is derived from a faith perspective? Have specific work-related issues that you need help processing? Have you wanted someone to bounce business ideas off of and give you honest feedback and direction? Then 210 Leaders is the place for you.

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210Leaders exists to build a community of business leaders who desire to unite their work and faith, helping create a powerful, engaging work environment.

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